About La Guitara Music Center

about la guitara music centerLa Guitara Centre for Music is a well-established shop, specialized in the sale of various musical instruments and their accessories. Additionally, the centre sells sound devices to studios, functions and conferences, as well as installing sound systems to mosques, schools and others. The centre provides high quality services at the hands of professional and skilled team members who can also offer consultation services when required. Besides, the centre provides the service of leasing sound and light systems at very competitive prices.

The centre boasts of its long experience and vast knowledge in this business, and takes pride in being the first specialized center in offering special requests to production companies at attractive prices. Most clients of the centre are well-known musicians in the region, and a wide spectrum of valued clients who constantly seek quality & excellence, including public & private agencies inside or outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. The centre looks forward to your visit at all times, and please rest assured that all your requirements will be professionally met to your full satisfaction.